Newsletter excerpts: Fibromyalgia--Jan 2016

Michelle Burns
January 28, 2016

Here is a brief summary of information I recently shared in my January newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This month is focused on fibromyalgia information. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, please head over to my contact page and sign up.


new-purple-butterfly-scroll-mdHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Diminish Fibromyalgia Syndrome-Prospective Clinical Trial has shown some promising results.

Fibromyalgia is frequent in obstructive sleep apnea and responds to CPAP therapy

A study at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre in Australia is looking at the possibility of using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for treatment.

A new study shows that fibromyalgia can cause car crashes

Treatments of low dose of growth hormone show promise

Fibromyalgia Tied to Hysterectomy, Gynecologic Disease.

Study shows the incidence of fibromyalgia after acute whiplash is very low.


Women with Fibromyalgia Have Lower Levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese in Hair Mineral Analysis

Beyond pain in fibromyalgia: insights into the symptom of fatigue

Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Etiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Children with fibromyalgia experienced significant improvements in pain and function without medications after an intensive program of physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and psychosocial services, according to a new study

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial of duloxetine in Japanese fibromyalgia patients

No unusual activity with lactic acid seen in patients with fibromyalgia, migraine

A new study analyzed multiple areas of fibromyalgia including pain, brain characteristics, and medication efficacy, which resulted in some very telling conclusions. The authors behind the new research, published in the latest issue of The Journal of Pain, had several predictions

In the Alternative Health Care Arena

Several double blind studies suggest that Melatonin might also help in combating Fibromyalgia pain.

Food intake assessment and quality of life in women with fibromyalgia

In a recent Cochrane review, which captured the most updated evidence on the topic, the researchers found that resistance training improves multidimensional function, pain, tenderness, and muscle strength in women with FM.

A new study reveals increasing activity levels helped the women reduce their pain.

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