Student Work: Case study-Foot Pain after running but not during by Sean Ahmadi

Michelle Burns
May 6, 2016

During the course of attending massage school at A New Beginning School of Massage, students are given a number of assignments that requiring research and writing. Some of these assignments result in very insightful and  well thought out information and  decision-making outcomes. I am happy to share some of their assignments for you to enjoy.

Condition: Foot pain after running (not during)                                                      footpain

Why did you choose this client/condition?    I work with this client for strength training and fitness. He has chosen running to help him with fitness and weight loss. I chose this client because I believe it is muscle related and I want to help him achieve his goals.

Briefly summarize the condition for this client--what led to the condition, how long has it existed, has it changed, etc.                                        The condition started after one of the longer runs the client did. The client started experiencing foot pain after being seated for a while and upon standing. The pain generally lasts anywhere from minutes to hours depending on activity level. More activity causes less pain. Pain usually goes away a few minutes after starting cardio exercising.

Discuss your understanding of the condition (causes, symptoms, pathology, treatments, etc.)                                                                                              I believe the condition is related to clients running gait (right foot strikes with the foot extended & pronated) causing more pressure on medial longitudinal arch which is supported by Tibialis anterior, Peroneus longus and Peroneus brevis, that form the anatomic stirrup. It is possible that this is caused from lateral rotators of the right hip including piriformis.

Identify your treatment plan and explain why you chose that treatment plant.                                                                                                                                        My treatment plant for the client involved working on Tibialis anterior and Peroneus longus as well as the Medial longitudinal arch to release the tight muscles. Also the lateral rotators of the right hip.

Find a research article that includes massage for that condition and summarize the information in the article and cite the referenced article.                                                                                                                                        In "Massage Therapy for Tired feet (and Plantar Fasciitis) by Paul Ingerham, Vancouver, Canada (, the author discusses the importance of the arches in the feet and how they function and how running in improper shoes and not stretching enough can cause problems resulting in pain in the feet. He then discusses how to use trigger point in the arch to release the tension.

What was your expected outcome from your treatment plan?                         Two outcomes were expected from the treatment plan:

  • Eventual lessening of foot pain
  • Eventual change in running gait of right foot to more normal strike

Actual outcome and new plan                                                                                          There was lessening of pain, but it has not gone away completely since right foot inversion continues, due to continuing presence of cause. The new plan involves attacking the cause of continuing strain that causes right foot eversion and more frequent stretching of muscles after running and foam roller after.

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