Working with PTSD & Trauma: An Evidence Based Massage Perspective (Home Study CE Course - Download BOOK)

This is a CE Course and includes .5 NCBTMB credit hours. You must download the book, complete the worksheets, and ship the book back to us for review in order to receive the credits. Instructions will be provided via email after your purchase.

PTSD is the abbreviation for PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. It is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life­threatening event. About 10 percent of women and 5 percent of men will experience PTSD in their lifetime with about 1 in 30 adults in the United States suffering from the disorder at any given time and about 8 percent of Americans will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

This book provides a basic understanding of PTSD, trauma, and its effects.

Inside this book you will learn:
• The definition o PTSD and acute trauma
• The different classes and categories of PTSD and symptoms
• Introduction to polyvagal theory
• What to do if your client has a crisis
• Some first-hand accounts of the experience of PTSD

Statistics point to each of us knowing someone who is experiencing, or will experience, PTSD or experiencing it ourselves. As a profession built on compassion and non-judgment, we are in an ideal position to help those experiencing symptoms of PTSD. But, understanding the condition and symptoms and managing them is key to helping them safely. Creating a treatment plan that focuses on safety and compassion is a key tool for accomplishing that and with the tools provided in this book, massage therapists can make a difference for many people.


$8.49 Includes .5 hr CE credit

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