The Business of Healing:
Taking Your Business from Surviving to Thriving (CE Course Downloadable Book)

This is a CE Course and includes 3 NCBTMB credit hours. you must download the book, complete the worksheets, and ship the book back to us for review in order to receive the credits. Instructions will be provided via email after your purchase.

While most massage therapy education programs include a business section, often the most important pieces of creating a successful business are not included, or focused on, in the class.

There are several reasons for this oversight:

  1.  many business teachers have not, or do not, run a business,
  2. those students in the class who do not intend to open their own business aren’t interested in the material, and
  3. there often isn’t enough time in the class to cover all the pieces necessary to create a successful massage business.

The goal of this book is to give you an opportunity to explore, at your own pace, and as you are ready, those things not well covered in many programs. And, to take the time to focus on those pieces that are critical to business success.

Throughout this book, you will be given information, exercises to complete, and actions to take to move your business to thriving.


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