Read what former students have to say about Michelle's classes.

Creating Successful Adult Vocational Learning Experiences: A Step by Step Guide

 "I'm going to refer back to this book often. It has great info and it is really clear."  – Maria D., Austin, TX  Jun 2019

"This was Awesome! I will recommend it to anyone interested in preparation or Improvement for teaching ADULTS."  – Kandis H., Austin, TX  Jun 2008

"One of the most productive learning courses I have taken. I leave believing that I can easily create a lesson plan now and at any time in the future."  –  Janine R.,  Austin, TX   Jul 2003

Tools for Relieving Upper Cross Syndrome - "Text Neck"

"Michelle did an excellent job of explaining theory and presenting various techniques. She was very thorough and gave excellent feedback during the practical portion." – Jen L., Austin, TX, Sept 2016

Fibromyalgia: Help Stop the Pain

"You engaged me for 6/24 and my brain is still buzzing! Thank you!!" – Clare L., Austin, TX  Nov 2017

"I was thoroughly impressed with Michelle's preparation & collateral provided. Paired with a gentle teaching practice made this class informative, practical & applicable to my clientele." – Lacreshia L., Austin, TX    Jun 2012

Introduction to Cupping as a Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage Tool

"Great class-very informative and very knowledgeable teacher." – Cheryl B., Cedar Park, TX 2019

"Thank you, this workshop was very well done & I learned so much. I am excited to use this in my practice." – Tricia J., Cedar Park, TX 2019

"Really enjoyed this class! I loved the experiences shared & the techniques shared will definitely be used & incorporated." – Marilyn L, Cedar Park, TX 2019

"One of the best instructors in 27 years of schooling. Diplomatic, humble, clear, patient, amazing communication. I appreciate your presence and grace." – Wendy S., Tulsa, OK 2018

"I so loved the course. I wasn't overwhelmed. Michelle is an excellent instructor." – Shardé R., Tulsa, OK 2018

"Excellent class that really defined what we can and cannot do as massage therapists. The time and space to practice with different types of cups was extremely helpful to understand the differences and take the mystery out of future purchases." – Medea T., Austin, TX 2017
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