Newsletter excerpts: Education and Teaching September 2017

Michelle Burns
September 13, 2017

Here is some of the information I recently shared in my September newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This month is focused on pedagogy, adult learning and teaching information. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, please head over to my contact page and sign up.

Tidbits, Updates and Resources

1.An article by Maryellen Weimar, Ph.D., titled “What Happens in a Course is a Shared Responsibility” discusses concerns that student evaluations often give students the impression that it’s the teacher who makes or breaks the course. While the teacher has a responsibility to provide a constructive learning environment, the students must decide to contribute to the learning environment as well. The article provides suggestions for creating a valuable student evaluation that looks, not just at the teacher's role, but also the students. 

 2. The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education  has made available, as a pdf, the Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers.

3. Angela Lee Duckworth, a teacher turned psychologist, reveals what factor determines whether a student will succeed or fail in a  youtube video TED talk: Why some students fail and other students succeed. The key: Grit.

4. NCBTMB announces a change in energy work acceptance, introduces new instructor qualifications. June 19, 2017. To understand the changes, you can access the full statement on the NCBTMB website.


I receive a weekly update on anything published anywhere on the internet that includes information about teaching and learning.  Much of it is personal blogs, stories about athletes that are injured, etc., but some of the information can be helpful to practitioners.  I try to glean the best of the information and provide a brief synopsis of the information and a link to find the full item yourself.  If you have any problems with the links, please let me know, or if you come across any information that you think would be good to share, please also feel free to pass that information along to:

1.What is “Transfer of Learning” and “How does it help students?”  Youtube video. Description: Schools tend to measure student learning with grades and report cards, but how can educators be sure what they teach will stick with students once they leave the classroom? In this video explainer, Larry Ferlazzo, from the Education Week Teacher blog Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo, shares five ways educators can facilitate Transfer of Learning to help students make connections across subject areas and in the world beyond the schoolhouse walls.

2. Kathy Paholsky, in her course “Assessing Skills & Abilities Through Oral & Practical Exams”, offered through the AMTA, addresses “How massage therapy instructors can better align student assessments with the knowledge, skills and abilities they’re expected to absorb in the classroom.”  The course is available as a pdf to be downloaded and provides wonderful suggestions and resources.

3. Critical Thinking Learning Models: Analyzing and Assessing Thinking reviews why the analysis of thinking is important. According to the writers, all thinking is defined by the eight elements that make it up: whenever we think, we think for a purpose within a point of view based on assumptions leading to implications and consequences. We use concepts, ideas and theories to interpret data, facts, and experiences in order to answer questions, solve problems, and resolve issues. The eight components:

  • generates purposes
  • raises questions
  • uses information
  • utilizes concepts
  • makes inferences
  • makes assumptions
  • generates implications
  • embodies a point of view

The article includes a number of online exercises and demonstrations to enhance understanding.

4. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning provides a handy chart featuring over 30 iPad apps for students with special needs. The chart was created in 2016, so some may no longer be accurate, but it is a helpful resource.

5. Trying to create presentations on an iPad?  There is an app called Engage. You can see a brief introduction.

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