EarthSpa Bells Glass Cupping Set

Each cup is individually handblown by EarthSpa R&D’s Glass Blowing Artisans in the Pacific Northwest.

The cups are thick-walled for weight and durability and longer for easy handling. They work exceptionally well in places that are sometimes hard to access, such as the occipitals, scalenes, behind the ear, between the ulna and radius, on the hands and feet and are excellent along the intercostals.

The smooth glide of the Bells’ thicker lip feels very organic, making these the best option for working on the soft underarm areas, neck, breast and décolleté.

Each set has 3 cups—1.25”, 1.75”, 2” and 3 easy to handle bulbs to create the suction.

Because these cups are handblown, some variation in height and thickness of the glass may occur.


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