Creating Successful Vocational Adult Learning Experiences: A Step by Step Guide - Book

This book is for self-education ONLY and does not include CE credits.

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Teaching can be fun and rewarding and can make a powerful difference in someone’s life. But teaching can also be confusing, frustrating and, at times, overwhelming. Today’s classes are made up of diverse populations, from baby boomers to Gen Y’ers and all those in between; from all ethnicities, economic and cultural backgrounds and myriad experiences. This creates a diverse tapestry of resources, opportunities and challenges for the adult student and the teacher. Teaching adults effectively and easily is a skill that can be learned or enhanced with an understanding of some basic theories and methods. With the right knowledge and tools, those challenges can be turned into strengths to make the classroom experience fun and successful.

While exploring success criteria for students and instructors, this book will help the reader create a toolbox of skills that will bring ease and confidence in creating and teaching classes for the adult student. These tools will include:

  • understanding generational differences
  • how to ensure students understand and grasp the material
  • techniques that allow student involvement, interest and participation
  • how to create a class that allows the instructor to be relaxed, confident and have fun too.
  • This information is applicable to anyone planning to or currently teaching adults.

Ready to Start Teaching?
This ($54.95) option is for the book as a resource to learn about teaching. If you would like to complete the workbook and receive 30 hours of NCBTMB CE credit for the course you must purchase the credited version hereClass Catalog.


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